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Sporty and active with STYLE – that's how you live your life! You know that a fashionable outfit can boost your motivation and make training more fun and, what's true for your sporting apparel, you expect to apply to your supports too: best possible fit, top functionality and trendy colours. Our products will inspire you to be active!

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Look great while playing sport: knee supports in neon colours

The new Genu Xtra STYLE knee supports from Juzo come in six luminous neon colours and will inspire you to be active. Every athlete knows: a stylish and functional outfit boosts your motivation and makes training enjoyable. And what applies to sport apparel also holds true for knee supports.

Some people go to the fitness studio, others jog, go hiking, ride a bike, or play football. Whatever the sport – fashion considerations always come into play. Besides the requirement for light, breathable and functional materials, colour is also an especially important factor: luminous hues are currently in fashion and add that special touch to any outfit. “With knee supports, the focus in the past has always been on their medical benefit. But there's no reason why physical limitations can't be attractively packaged”, says Siegfried Lechner, Technology Manager for Flat-Knitted Products at Juzo.

Stabilisation and relief of the knee joint

The Genu Xtra STYLE knee support not only makes a fresh fashion statement but is also a highly effective medical aid for stabilising and relieving the knee joint. The anatomically-shaped patella ring guides the kneecap while also massaging the surrounding tissue. The area of lengthwise elasticity above the patella ring – together with the tried-and-proven combination of compression fabric and lateral spiral rods – ensure a crease-free and secure hold, even when the knee is bent at over 90 degrees. The comfort zone at the back of the knee provides relief and protection to the flexor tendons of the leg, thereby enabling the therapeutic effect of Genu Xtra STYLE to be fully achieved. The breathable, skin-friendly and comfortable fabric is latex-free. The pressure-minimised top and bottom ends prevent constriction and ensure an optimum compression distribution. By the way: the Genu Xtra STYLE is a medical aid that is only available from medical products suppliers.

The colours of the six stylish neon variants are: Ionic Blue, Pink Heat, Glowing Green, Purple Lightning, Luminous Orange and Dark Blue Sensation – all so intense that they're guaranteed to give you an energy kick and new motivation.

About Juzo

The company Julius Zorn GmbH in Aichach, Germany, also abbreviated as Juzo, manufactures medical aids with the utmost care, passion, and a special eye for detail. Of its more than 1000 employees worldwide, around 500 of them work at the headquarters in Aichach, Bavaria. The high-quality compression garments, supports and orthoses from Juzo are helping millions of people each day to regain their mobility. The premium, state-of-the-art products of this over-a-century-old family business are developed in conjunction with scientists, medical technologists and therapists. Is it no wonder then that Juzo has become one of the leading partners for medical supply stores in the areas of venous therapy, lymphology, orthopaedics and scar therapy. Juzo – helping you stay active